With connections across the world, we are able to import a major variety of goods.

Exports create closer links between Australia and the rest of the world. They help create personal as well as business relationships between Australians and people overseas. By doing so they can assist Australia’s international relations.

Importing and exporting goods is not only important for businesses; it is important for individual consumers, too. Consumers can benefit from certain products or components that are not produced locally, but are available to purchase online from a business abroad.

It’s important to consider what exporting regulations you need to comply with to export your product or service. As long as you comply with all local, national and international legislation, you can start exporting today.

When you do business across countries, you must also make sure you comply with legislation in all countries you do business with. This may include additional reporting obligations, here at Lions Circle we assist with all reporting and record keeping.

From furniture to food, cosmetics, healthcare equipment, clothing, technology – our opportunities are endless. Whatever idea you have – Lions Circle can make it happen.

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